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The normal use of the engine
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New and overhaul generator priceof the engine, it must be carried out in accordance with the specifications in normal operation.

Usually strict inspection fastenings. Due to the impact and the influence of the load of diesel or gasoline engine operation, bolt and nut loose easily. Have each part of the bolts should be checked carefully, in order to prevent the failure of part of the damage.

diesel or gasoline engine valve clearance adjustment, valve timing, fuel supply advance Angle, injector and ignition time, check and adjust in time, to ensure that the engine often in good technical condition, in order to save fuel, prolong service life. This is the correct use of the engine.

Before starting the car shake, so after the restart part bearing lubrication oil. Began, the water temperature of 40-50 degrees, and then put into use. No long time overload or low speed operation. The machine stops, the load and the speed of the machine. When the temperature dropped to 40-50 level, cooling water (in addition to the engine in addition to the engine) is placed in the winter. The daily maintenance of engine, the machine keep good technical condition. Earth observation, the ground inspection and found fault, ruled out in a timely manner.

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