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What types diesel engine parts
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:diesel

diesel enginegenerator 250kw work in more or less there will be some damage, if you don't have the same accessories that will affect the production and efficiency, the following for you by our professional and technical personnel to introduce the types of diesel engine parts.

Diesel engine parts mainly include cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, cylinder liner, the spindle tile, thrust tile, connecting rod, piston pin, piston pin bushing, piston ring, into the exhaust valve, exhaust valve shell, into the exhaust pipe, inlet and exhaust valve seat, rocker, rocker arm bushings, rocker arm shaft, valve spring, relief valve and indicator valves, starting valve, high pressure oil pipe, connecting rod, cylinder head bolts, diesel fuel pump, oil pump, o-rings, stuffing box, the main starting valve, the supercharger, filter, enclosure, hydraulic pipe, explosion-proof door, turning machine, etc.; And we can according to customer requirements processing diesel engine accessories.

Above is the kinds of diesel engine fittings, weifang huaquan power machinery co., LTD. Has advanced processing and testing equipment, to provide professional selection advice, precision processing and production, efficient logistics and perfect after-sales service.

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