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The gas generator (grid or weaver) running in parallel
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First, the operation generatormode of gas generator set

The operation mode of gas generator set according to different user usage, the general has the following several ways:

1, a single unit load running independently, not weaver grid.

2, many units weaver on load operation (and), not parallel.

3, single or multiple units and parallel operation of power grid.

4 more units and car without electricity, power grid operation, power grid to restore power after the unit parallel operation. (whether for the grid)

Second, gas generator set in parallel (grid or car) the necessary condition to run

Stay and unit into parallel operation must meet the following conditions:

Unit 1, and the waveform and power grid waveform is the same, i.e., is a three-phase sinusoidal alternating current.

2, stay and phase sequence of the unit or the grid phase sequence.

Unit 3, stay, and at the same frequency and the frequency of the power grid.

4, and units at the same voltage and the voltage of power grid.

Unit 5, and at the same phase or the grid phase.

Under normal circumstances, the conditions of 1 "waveform" same motor factory design assurance, general won't appear design problem.

Gas generator set before delivery has been made the phase sequence on the generator, control panel calibration. As long as the power cable connection according to the phase color when installation, generally there is no problem. When not fully grasp, in front of the grid must confirm the phase sequence, to ensure foolproof.

In parallel operation daily, as long as the adjustment of the frequency, voltage, in or close to can run grid or weaver.

These conditions, the phase sequence of the unit with "stay and are consistent with the phase sequence of the grid," one of the most key, most important condition. Only meet the phase sequence of the same conditions, frequency, voltage and phase of the checks. In the phase sequence inconsistent or circumstances forced closing phase Angle is large, will cause the interphase short circuit, may cause the control panel circuit breaker short circuit, damage, personal injury, gas generator transformer tripping serious accidents such as fire. Therefore, the phase sequence inconsistent "is absolutely not allowed into parallel operation.

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