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How to make the diesel generator set can safely spend summer
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:generator

At present as temperatures rise, power consumption is more and more big, the shortage of electric power will be state in many areas. So, diesel generating sets of users began to prepare for the diesel generating set as a standby power supply. So, how to make the diesel generator set the summer can be safe?

First, before the use of diesel generating set, diesel generating sets have to be to conduct a comprehensive inspection, replace or clean the air filter of generator sets, diesel oil filter and oil filter, replace the generator within the cylinder oil, antifreeze. Check the generator set start battery voltage is normal, if the battery power is insufficient, is unable to start the diesel generator set.

In addition, check whether the generator room ventilation is good, the conditional should try to cool the generator room. When using, because diesel generating sets itself produces a great quantity of heat, only guarantee the room temperature, to ensure that when used by generating set, there will be no water high temperature, low oil pressure and other kinds of accidents.

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