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the failure and repair method of connecting rod bushing is easy to produce
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1, the connectinggenerator supplier rod bushing is easy to produce the failure

connecting rod bushing is one of the important components of diesel engine connecting rod components, wear it in the long-term use process, when wear gap increases to a certain degree, the diesel engine can appear metal tapping, and under the condition of the speed change is more obvious.

2, the cause of the problem of connecting rod bushing damage

1 small head bushing internal lubricant holes appear jams phenomenon, make the bushing internal friction surface can not get adequate lubrication.

2 long-term overload operation of diesel engine, the connecting rod little head bearing is too big, lead to serious wear bushing, appear even deformation phenomenon.

3 connecting rod bending or after deformation, the fitting clearance between piston pin and bushing hole appear uneven phenomenon caused by the liner partial carry the load is too large.

connecting rod small head lining magnetic fitting clearance between the piston pin in excess of the prescribed technical data, should be replaced by the replacement of the new bushing.

3, connecting rod set of selection and replace

in diesel engine during overhaul, in addition to the replacement of piston, piston pin, to replace the connecting rod little head bushing, to ensure that the bushing with proper fit clearance between the piston pin.

between the connecting rod bushing and small head seat hole cooperate to have a certain amount of interference, the general is 0.045 ~ 0.15 mm. Too much interference quantity bushing installation difficulties, even liner deformation and damage; Interference measured hours, bushing can pressure into the holes, but the work is easy to appear bushing loose phenomenon, and cause little head wear a hole. Right of surplus quantity measurement, generally choose vernier calipers measure the diameter of the lining sleeve for the new and connecting rod small head diameter, according to the measured interference quantity to choose the size of the new bushing.

connecting rod bushing hole also should have certain machining allowance. Bushing before by the connecting rod little head, try to use the piston pin and bushing, if you could barely load within the liner is appropriate; If it is difficult to load, it shows too much machining allowance; If loose kuang phenomenon after loading, the machining allowance is too small. For both cases shall be equipped with bushing again.

new bushing, before by the application of infant will old bushing out, then check that the small head seat inside the hole for the coarse edge, etc., or to be repaired. In assembling a new bushing, chamfering toward at the end of the connecting rod little head hole, pressure fashionable bushing and the connecting rod must be in, bushing oil hole response is connecting rod small hole of the oil hole, and then on the vise or press slowly into the clamping pressure.

4, the connecting rod bushing and replacement

fitting clearance between the piston pin and connecting rod bushing, at room temperature should be between 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm, and ensure that reach above 75%. Such high matching requirements, generally want to use special tools to ensure that. At present, the repair shop more with adjustable reamer ream. Ream method is as follows:

1, adjust the reamer. Using the vise grip the reamer and keep the reamer vertical state, adjust the reamer and try connecting rod head set, can make the first knife turning slightly. After the adjustment quantity of each knife, in upper part of the reamer rotating adjusting nut it is advisable to 60 ~ 90. If turning too big or too small, easy to make the connecting rod in a hinge pin, hinge ridge or horn.

2 ream. Ream, rotate equably big end up in their hands, with one hand holding the connecting rod little head and a bit of pressure to ream, in the process of ream, be sure to keep the connecting rod and the reamer is in vertical position, to prevent hinge partial phenomenon. Adjustment should be ream after a reamer, will link over heavy hinged again, in order to prevent the hinge into a cone. If found under the plane and the blade is flat under the bushing, should press connecting rod small head and make the bushing out just below the reamer and prevent the ridge or scratch phenomenon.

3 try to match. In the process of ream, often should try piston pin and bushing hole reaming to prevent. When the ream to hand with power to push the piston pin into the bushing to a third, should stop ream. Then use vice into them with wooden hammer or into the bushing, and clip on the vise reciprocating turn the big end, stop running after press the piston pin, observe the bushing contact situation.

4 scrape. According to the piston pin and bushing with the tightness and bushing inside surface contact with a spatula to scrape. Repair the scraping, scraper should be with the center line of the bushing hole into 30 ~ 40 Angle, and partial cross scraping. Just blow when, on both sides of the edge or not shave is less as far as possible, to prevent being scraped into horn. Through the test, if feel firmness and interface conform to technical requirements, then blow on both ends of the sleeve edge. If repair bushing with the palm of your hand after scraping force to push the piston pin into the bushing, looseness in conformity with the technical requirements. Liner wall contact spots should be distributed evenly, light and heavy.

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