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锘?0 kw weifang generator in cold area maintenance methods
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:temperature

1.30 kw weifang generatorsilent diesel generator engine at the beginning of winter, the temperature of the air temperature is very low, it is difficult to reach, piston compressed gas gas combustion temperature, auxiliary measures must be taken as a result, cummins diesel engine starting, this will help to improve the diesel engine, body temperature.

2. Must pay attention to the weather changes, if 30 kw generator operation and positioning in the winter, weifang local temperature below 4 degrees, it should fulfill in cummins diesel oil radiator cooling water, because the volume of water changes mainly in 4 degrees, when water from liquid to solid, volume expansion can increase the damage of cooling water tank.

3. 30 kw weifang generator air filter must be replaced often as diesel generator set, poor working conditions during the winter, because of high demand, in the winter air filter and fuel filter, the service life of diesel engines will shorten because of wear and tear, if we cannot replace them in time.

4. When we choose diesel engine oil during the winter, it's better to choose a thin viscosity oil.

5. Diesel engine must be running for 3 to 5 minutes at low speed, so as to raise the temperature of the diesel engine, and then check the performance of lubricating oil, it can be put into normal operation. At the same time, should reduce as far as possible to speed up suddenly, or step on the biggest accelerator during the running .

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