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diesel engine water pump shaft repair
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the pump shaftgenerator and bearing and connecting plate shaft hole or woodruff key after severe wear, diesel engine will make the pulley produces in the process of operation, if not timely repair, will increase the pump shaft of wear, and even cause the pump shaft bending or breaking. For fan is directly fixed on the pulley of the modern machine, fan blade to collide will fan guard fault phenomenon, individual cases and the fan blade and the radiator of the accident.

the pump shaft and bearing loose kuang, should remove the fresh water pump for inspection. When the bearing outer ring and the pump body bearing hole appeared serious wear and tear, lathe bearing hole more are available, and then press into the increase of the new bushing; Connecting plate or woodruff key after severe wear, general should replace a new one. Water pump shaft and impeller hole is interference fit. If the impeller on the pump shaft appear loose kuang phenomenon, will seriously affect the fresh water pump displacement. The garage is at present more brush plating method is adopted to restore shaft and impeller interference fit. Damage to other parts of the impeller welding repair method can be used.

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