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What kind of diesel generating sets of governor are there?
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Diesel generator set

open diesel generatorthe function of the governor is working in the diesel engine speed range, can be as the change of external load diesel engine and automatically adjust the volume of oil, to keep the engine speed basically stable. Change oil for diesel engine just turn the fuel injection pump plunger. With oil, diesel engine power and torque increase, reduce conversely. Diesel generating set of the load is always changing, which requires the output power of diesel engine also often should change, and the frequency of the power supply for stability, which requires the speed of the diesel engine work stable. So in the diesel engine must be installed on the diesel generator set control institutions. Governor general should include two parts: sensing elements and actuators. According to the working principle of the speed governor is different, can be divided into mechanical governor speed control, electronic governor, ems. Choice in the "China complete generator manufacturer/" reasons for buying products: 1, rest assured purchase, reduce procurement costs; 2, ensure that the product is authentic, power guarantee; 3, service assurance, guarantee delivery; 4, to produce equipment quality issue, our diesel generator manufacturers to provide free services.

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