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How to exactly determine diesel generating sets of replacement time
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diesel generator set use after a period of time, will need to replace the oil, then when can replace oil of diesel generator set? For some friends not familiar with the use of diesel generator set, sometimes it is difficult to identify.

We must first understand to different manufacturers and different power of diesel generator set used engine oil is not the same, under normal circumstances, the new engine work in the first 50 hours and 50 hours after long or overhaul. Oil change cycle generally and the oil filter (filter), general oil change cycle is 250 hours or one month. Use 2 kind of engine oil, engine oil can prolong working 400 hours after the change, but the oil filter (filter) must be replaced. If you want the exact to determine the replacement time of diesel generator set, have to understand some of these methods:

1, with two 0.5 cm in diam., 20 cm long glass tube, 19 cm respectively loaded in the new engine oil and used engine oil, sealed after two tube inversion at the same time, the bubble rising time, if both differ by more than 20%, the specification used motor oil viscosity is reduced too much, should be replaced.

2, the new engine oil and used engine oil dripping on the white filter paper, such as used in the oil droplets have more black spots, show that the oil was not bad, should not be replaced; If the oil is dark brown, is bad, should be replaced. For diesel generator engine oil replacement can well guarantee the stability of the generator set to use, to some extent, this also effectively extend the service life of the diesel generator set, therefore in the process of using diesel generating set must be exact judge diesel generating sets of replacement time.

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