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Engineering machinery in a diesel engine
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engineering machinery250kva generator is an important part of the core engine, we must pay more attention when in repair, diesel engine appear otherwise damage the whole engine can't work normally. So when in a repair diesel engine specific should pay attention to what?

1. The diesel engine in a repair assembly must attention to the problem of cleaning. When assembling the body's internal mixed with mechanical impurity and dust, sludge, will not only speed up the parts wear and tear, but also easy to cause the oil plug, produce the accidents such as tile burning holding shaft. When in a diesel engine repair assembly so attention should be paid to ensure the cleanness of parts.

2. The variant of the product does not necessarily general parts. Some diesel engine plant in the production of some types of variant many parts of the products is not universal. Such as s195b diesel engine crankshaft, main bearing, cylinder liner, piston, into the exhaust valve, valve guide and valve springs and other parts is not universal. If will not be able to gm parts without distinction between the use of random would be counterproductive.

3. The same type of different general increase the parts (accessories). When the size of repair method is adopted, can choose to increase the size of the parts, but is must look for the increase of the level to which the parts. If you don't have good when in a diesel engine repair the dimensions of the parts, so it is not only a waste of time, and ensure the quality of the repair, will greatly reduce the service life of bearing.

4. In a diesel engine repair attention to the problem of assembly technology requirements. Repair personnel of valve clearance, bearing clearance is compared commonly attention, but for some technical requirements is often overlooked, such as installing a cylinder liner, the surface should be higher than that of the body about 0.1 mm, otherwise cylinder gas leakage occurs or continuous bad cylinder gasket failure.

5. In a diesel engine repair note that some mating parts to replace the question in pairs. Injector needle valve couple, plunger and delivery valve deputy three big precision coupling thing to change in pairs, this usually can do it. But for some other parts don't pay attention to the change in pairs, such as gear replacement, replace the worn out serious one, and only after the assembly because of bad meshing noise increased, wear, will shorten the service life and so on in a diesel engine repair when should pay attention to some thing to change in pairs, to ensure the quality of maintenance.

6. When being in a diesel engine repair parts mistake packing, packing problem. In terms of single cylinder diesel engine has more than one thousand parts, and most have certain requirements, installation position and direction, such as do not pay attention to, is easy to mistake packing, or packing. If there is a mistake packing, packing and so on situation will cause the engine starting difficulty or not at all.

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