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The structure of the oil filter
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oil filter pressland generator filtration mode can be divided into two categories, filter type and centrifugal. Filter filter according to its structure is divided into wire wound type, paper type and scraping plate, etc. The oil is centrifugal structure commonly used fine filter. Below 135 series diesel engine oil filter, for example.

1, the winding type oil filter

winding type oil filter, it USES two layers of fine copper wire wound as filter, the main use of the gaps between the copper wire, metal particles and other impurities from the oil filter. This kind of filter can be mixed in the oil is greater than 0.09 mm cut off impurities on the outside of the filter. This kind of filter is not easy to damage, but the diesel engine running around 250 h, must wash will filter down to devolve into diesel, and then continue to use after use compressed air to blow dry.

2, centrifugal oil filter

external structure of centrifugal oil filter, it is mainly composed of cover, rotor, rotor shaft, the base, the oil pressure limiting valve and nozzle, etc, which make use of the rotor high-speed rotation (rotational speed is in commonly 6000 r/min) generated by the centrifugal force will be tiny metal particles in the oil and other tiny impurities to the rotor wall, after filtering, the oil back into the oil pan again. The oil filter is not easy to damage, but when the diesel engine running around 250 h must be cleaning the fine filter.

3, print cartridge filter

print cartridge filter adopting the chemical treatment (resin) microporous filter paper as filter, the oil through the pores on the filter paper, and metal abrasive dust and other impurities from the oil blocks in the filter paper, so that the purified oil. This filter can filter out impurities more than 0.04 mm. Its advantage is filtration effect is good, simple structure, light weight; Defect is short service life, easy appear jams and rupture. This filter in the share of 250 ~ 400 h after the need to change a new filter. At present, the most widely used in modern diesel engine is a paper filter filter.

4, pressure limiting valve and bypass valve

pressure limiting valve and bypass valve is installed on the oil filter base, its internal structure as shown in figure 8 and 12.

pressure limiting valve by adjusting screw and valve, pressure limiting spring, its role is to ensure that the oil pressure to conform to specified requirements and to prevent damage due to high oil pressure of diesel engine parts damage of normal lubrication and oil pipe joint, etc. In general, the oil pressure is too high or too low can adjust the pressure limiting valve to meet specified requirements.

by-pass valve is composed of steel ball, springs and lock nut, its effect is when the oil strainer blocked, the oil without oil strainer and directly from the bypass valve flow to the main oil way, to ensure the normal operation of diesel engine.

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