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The working principle of the exhaust gas recirculation system
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The engine exhaust gas generator supplierrecirculation system refers to the part of the exhaust fumes back to the intake manifold, and again with fresh mixture into the cylinder. Due to the waste gas containing a large amount of CO2, while CO2 can not burn absorb a lot of heat, lower the burning temperature of the mixture in the cylinder, thereby reducing the generation of NOx.

EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve) usually in the open under the following conditions:

1. The engine warming-up. 2. The speed more than idle. The ECM according to engine cooling water temperature sensor, throttle position sensor and the air flow sensor to control an EGR system. Gasoline engine under heavy work, the diesel engine on engine warming-up condition doesn't work.

Exhaust gas recirculation system working principle:

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) control mode, namely ECU engine control computer according to engine speed, load (throttle opening), temperature, inlet flow and exhaust temperature control, electromagnetic valve, timely open intake manifold vacuum is entered into the EGR valve solenoid valve chamber vacuum membrane, membrane, open an EGR valve rod, a small number of exhaust gas by an EGR valve into the air intake system of exhaust, mixes with mixture into the cylinder combustion. A small group of waste gas into the cylinder to participate in the mixture combustion, the combustion in the cylinder at the lower temperature because of NOX is under the condition of high temperature and rich oxygen generated, it inhibits the formation of NOX, reducing the NOX in waste gas. , excessive exhaust gas recirculation, involved in will influence on the performance of the mixture on fire, and thus affect the dynamic performance of the engine, especially in engine idle speed, low speed, small load and cold machine, recycling of waste gas will significantly affect the engine performance. So, when the engine at idle speed, low speed, small load and cold machine, ECU control of exhaust gas recirculation, will not be involved to avoid engine performance to be affected; When the engine beyond a certain speed, load and reaches a certain temperature, ECU control a few involved in recycling waste gas, and participate in the amount of exhaust gas recirculation according to engine speed, load, temperature and exhaust temperature of different and different, in order to achieve the lowest NOX in waste gas.

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