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Natural gas generators of waste heat recovery system
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1. The generator price

smoke exhaust gas generator control and protection part; v

2. Needle tube waste heat recovery unit;

3. Heat conduction medium transmission part;

4. Use can exchange the part of the unit.

As waste heat recovery in the main components of energy conversion, the needle tube has good heat transfer performance, less dust, the advantages of small volume, on heat transfer and energy saving project has a broad application prospect. Its main advantage is first and foremost, regardless of the flue gas is horizontal or vertical erosion control, all needle extended surface horizontal turbulent flow scouring by flue gas, air in a cylinder needle rib on the back of the formation of symmetrical steady vortex and backflow zone, the thermal boundary layer and then being broken, so that the heat transfer surface boundary layer thinning, decrease the thermal resistance and greatly improve the heat transfer coefficient. Second, needle rib of the needle tube is a kind of cantilever structure, under the impact of airflow, needle rib produces vibration, soot make it difficult to accumulate knot; Strongly coupled with flue gas turbulent flow scouring, the needle tube heat exchange device has strong ability of self-cleaning gray. In addition, the needle tube structure is compact, the unit heat metal consumption is low, is a kind of strengthening heat transfer components to be promoted.

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