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Check and repair of the pump
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Car engines generatoruse for a long time, how to do an important step of cooling is to ensure that the engine life, and the engine pumps have such important functions. So the owner at the time of daily maintenance, never missed for the maintenance of the water pump, engine accessories factory network, head of the Shanghai six steps to introduce people to repair the pump, ensure that the pump cycle.

1, check the pump body and pulley for wear and damage, should be replaced when necessary. Check the pump shaft bending, journal wear degree, shaft end thread is damaged. Check on the impeller blade broken, shaft hole wear is serious. Check the water seal and the degree of wear of bakelite gasket, such as more than using limit should be replaced a new one. Check the wear condition of bearing, tables available measuring bearing clearance, such as more than 0.10 mm, it should be replaced the new bearing.

& have spent 2, water pump out after, but in order to break down. After decomposition, parts shall be washed and check them one by one, to see if it has defects such as cracks, damage and wear, if there are serious defects shall be replaced.

3, water seal and repair: water seal, such as wear and tear up the slot, can use emery cloth smooth, such as wear nothing should be replaced; Water seal if there is a coarse scratches, can use plane reamer or repair on the lathe. A new water seal components should be replaced during overhaul.

4, has the following injury in the pump body when allowed to weld repair: within 30 mm in length, not stretch to the bearing hole crack; The connection flange has broken part of the cylinder cover; Oil seal hole is damaged. The pump shaft bending must not exceed 0.05 mm, otherwise should be replaced. Impeller blade damage should be replaced. Water pump shaft aperture badly worn should replace or repair.

5, check whether the water pump bearing is flexible rotation, or have abnormal sound, shows that there is something wrong with the bearing, if any, shall be replaced.

6, good water pump assembly, the twist of the hand, pump shaft shall be no binding, impeller and the pump shell should be no scratches. Then check that the pump displacement, if any problem, should check the reason and ruled out. If the pump fails, cooling fluid will not be able to reach the corresponding, its performance is not effectively play the I, ultimately affect the engine working condition. Therefore, must strengthen the inspection of the pump.

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