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Note when buying diesel generators of items
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1, rated power generator price

and standby power, said only "power", standby power for long-endurance electricity sold to customers. In fact, long time standby power = 1.1 times of strength. In addition, the standby power can only be used for 1 hour and 12 hours of continuous correctly

2. The second phone refurbished machine as a new machine to sell to customers, there will be renovated with a new generator and diesel generator set control cabinet, general non-expert users cannot distinguish between what is new or the old machine.

3, only diesel generators or generator brand do not report the origin of the brand, unreported units. Such as cummins, Volvo, Sweden and Britain, the United States at Stanford university. In fact, any a diesel generator set could not have performed by an enterprise. Customer should fully understand the unit of diesel generator set, generator, control cabinet manufacturers and brands, to assess the level of the unit.

4, there is no protection function (commonly known as the four protection modules) protection units sold to customers. And, more importantly, the instrument is not complete, do not take air switch device to sell to customers. Industry, in fact, the general provisions of above 10 kw unit must be fully instrument (commonly known as the five tables) and air switch; Large units and automatic units must and protection of the four functions.

5. Don't talk about the brand and grade of diesel generating sets and generator control system configuration, don't talk about after-sales service, blindly only talk about the price and delivery. Some special non power plant oil machine, such as: Marine diesel generating set, diesel generator for generating set. Power quality (voltage and frequency) units cannot guarantee terminal products. Low price units generally have problems, commonly known as: only to buy it in the wrong is wrong!

6, don't talk about random accessories, such as not silencers, oil tank, oil pipe, what level of large capacity of the battery, battery, battery and so on. In fact, it is very important to these attachments, must be stipulated in the contract.

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