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from filler for diesel engine fault phenomena
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after smoke if the engine generator supplieris running, from the opening of the oil filling out black smoke and accompanied by tapping, the cylinder liner, piston has wear and tear, fit clearance is too large, or piston ring has a flat.

White smoke after starting engine, engine oil filling the mouth with rhythm, the will be emitted white fog, this was the beginning of the tile burning. Tile burning before due to dry friction produced by high temperature can make the local oil temperature rise sharply, some oil evaporate into a white mist particles from the crankcase. At this time should stop check, do not use, in order to avoid holding shaft accidents.

Spray oil if the diesel engine work and spray the oil from the oil filling mouth out, explain not only the cylinder liner, piston has been serious wear and tear, and the piston ring may be broken or stuck, or have already pull cylinder, seriously under high temperature and high pressure gas exhaust of the combustion chamber. Significantly lower its engine power, fuel consumption increase, should immediately stop overhaul.

Have sound if the oil filling mouth to hear a short when, when the sound of the engine by idle when sudden acceleration noise more obvious, and the speed is higher, the greater the noise, the single cylinder break fire (oil), noise reduced or disappeared, can judge is connecting rod bearing abnormal sound, should consider whether the connecting rod bearing clearance is too large, the connecting rod bolt is loose, troubleshooting before use.

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