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The protection of the diesel generator
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:protection

1, reflecting the turn-to-turn short circuit of the stator winding interturn short circuit protection.

2, which can reflect the excitation loop grounding one and two excitation loop grounding protection.

3, which can reflect the interphase short circuit longitudinal differential protection.

4, reflect the stator single-phase grounding short circuit of stator ground fault protection.

5, reflect generator external backup protection of interphase short circuit and overload protection.

6, reflect the overvoltage electronic winding overvoltage protection.

7, which can reflect the reverse power reverse power protection.

8, reflecting the low field or magnetic field loss protection.

9, which can reflect the generator out-of-step out-of-step protection.

10, reflect the stator core excitation over-excitation protection protection.

11, which can reflect the low frequency low frequency protection.

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