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Where is the oil consumption of diesel generator?
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As partgenerator of the "psychic oil ran to the combustion chamber and burn or coke formation and the other part from seal leakage places. Generator oil usually by clearance between piston ring and ring groove, gap and catheter into the combustion chamber of the valve. Nearby is the direct cause of the first stop point at the top of the piston ring, because it's movement speed fell sharply, and then attached to the lubricating oil chamber, the combustion chamber. As a result, gap between piston ring and piston ring, oil scraper ring and the hitting ability, combustion chamber pressure and oil viscosity and oil consumption are closely related.

From the operating conditions, using the oil viscosity is too low, the engine speed and the water temperature is too high, cylinder liner deformation limit, frequent start stop, engine parts of excessive wear and oil level is too high, will make the oil consumption increase. Because of the connecting rod bending, the body shape tolerance is not in conformity with the requirements of the piston deviation (logo is along the piston pin holes on both ends of the shaft, piston rings on one side of the Banks and on the other side of the piston skirt signs of wear and tear, cylinder liner and piston) is the main reason for the increase in consumption of oil. Distorted ring and oil ring, in order to reduce oil consumption has obvious effect, especially the light oil ring, three block structure without pump oil, soft, good adaptability, cylinder wall side of piston ring ring ring groove.

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