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The basic information of the internal combustion engine
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Driven by internal generator price

combustion engine generator. It started quickly, easy to operate. But the internal combustion engine power generation cost is relatively high, so diesel generating set is mainly used for emergency standby power, or in the mobile power stations and the use of some large power grid has not yet arrived. The speed of the diesel generator is usually 1000 RPM, tens of thousands of watts to several kilowatts of power, especially in the use of more than 200 kilowatts. It is relatively simple production. Diesel engine output shaft torque ripple periodically, so the condition of serious vibration generator. As a result, the structure of the diesel generator components, in particular, should have sufficient strength and rigidity, to prevent these parts due to vibration and fractures. In addition, in order to prevent the torque ripple caused by the generator speed voltage fluctuation caused by uneven light flashing, also need a diesel generator rotor moment of inertia of a larger, and should make the shafting torsional vibration natural frequency and diesel engine torque ripple in the frequency of the alternating component difference of more than 20%, in order to avoid the resonance, broken shaft caused by accident.

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